What is Ecoke?

Ecoke is a tough, pillow-shaped, biomass briquette and is an optimal environmentally sustainable alternative to using purely fossil-based fuels.

With Ecoke, no processes need to be amended, and there are no expensive start-up costs to be incurred. Instead, the briquettes offer instant decarbonisation, aiding in reduced CO2 emissions. 

Using Ecoke keeps businesses ahead of compliance with environmental legislation, while also addressing consumer demands regarding sustainability. Briquettes can also be tailored to the specific characteristics required by end-users.


Pathway to decarbonisation

By 2035, two thirds of emissions from the manufacturing sector are due to be eradicated, and as CO2 emissions continue to increase, companies are looking for an alternative to pure fossil-based fuel.

Transition to eco technologies is now a vital, and Ecoke provides an instant solution.

Ecoke is at the forefront of the move to greener products and processes and is at commercial sale production.

By using Ecoke, which contains a minimum of 30% secondary biomass, you will be able to immediately reduce your carbon footprint.

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